Non-government school principals cannot create their own accounts.  If you are a school principal and you need assistance with your DoE account, please refer to the article on DoE principal accounts.

The school principal or their delegate can create DoE accounts for staff at their school.

Check to ensure the staff member does not already have a DoE account.  If the staff member does have an account at your school, please re-activate this account and if necessary, reset the password. Do not create a new account for them.

If the user does not have an existing account, add a new one:

  • log in to the DoE Extranet
  • click on the SMU icon (if you can not see the SMU icon, please contact the PRC team)
  • go to Staff ManagementNon Gov - Add

  • fill in all the fields on the page
  • click on the Authorise button

A message will be displayed informing of success or failure of the operation.  If successful, an email will be sent to the principal, or whoever made the entry, detailing the username.  An activation email will be sent to the user's email address notifying them of their DoE User ID with a link to follow to activate their account.  Once you have created an account, you then need to grant the staff member access to the PRC website.

If you see an error message The user with the same First name, Last name, Gender and Date of Birth has already been added

please contact the PRC team and provide the staff member's First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth.