Books on the 3-4, 5-6 and 7-9 and 9Plus booklists are arranged by category. There are 20 categories (such as adventure, animal fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, humour, sport) to enable students, parents and teachers to locate books of particular interest. Students are encouraged to select books from several different categories to broaden their reading experiences.

The easiest way to search using these categories is to use the Discover tool on the Student Experience site. Multiple categories can be selected at once: 


You can also view titles in various categories on the PRC Main site. To see the titles in the various categories, navigate to the Booklists on the PRC website. Select books by Category for the relevant Challenge level: 

Books on the K-2 booklist are mostly picture books and are not arranged by categories. Independent readers in Years K-2 are encouraged to attempt the 3-4 Challenge using the 3-4 booklist.