As part of our finalisation of the previous years Challenge, and in preparation for the next years Challenge, there are a number of maintenance tasks that the support team need to perform.

In order for us to keep a stable set of student data, while this maintenance is being performed, we limit the amount of things that Coordinators are able to do until the Challenge opens.

Maintenance tasks include (but are not limited to)

  • merging duplicate student accounts 
  • retrieving statistics on Challenge participation 
  • incrementing the Grade information for student accounts 

Unfortunately, PRC Coordinators have limited access to the website before the challenge opens, this includes not being able to upload/create new student accounts, creating SRRs, and resetting passwords.

Full access is available on the 26th of February 2024 when the Challenge Opens.

We recommend that schools in preparation have their spreadsheets ready before the challenge.