When students attend a new school, their PRC accounts are managed differently by the website depending on whether the schools are public or non-government. The table below sets out how student accounts are managed:

If the student accounts need to be merged, please the PRC coordinator must CREATE a student account first and then contact the PRC team and provide the student's:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • current school
  • any previous schools attended.


In some cases students may attend a new school but a new account is not created for them in the PRC website. This might be because the:

  • new school does not participate in the Challenge
  • new school is not in NSW
  • student is in Year 10 

In such cases students’ PRC accounts at the old school will remain visible to coordinators in the PRC website. Please ignore these accounts.

Once a student's account has been merged, their past Student Reading Records will be visible in their Student Reading Record page on the PRC website.