Once the Challenge closing date has passed, Student Reading Records (SRRs) can only be validated by the PRC team.


The PRC team will validate complete SRRs for the most current Challenge at the request of PRC coordinators. For this to occur, please send an email to the PRC team with a list of students’ names and grades.


For incomplete SRRs or for students who do not yet have an SRR for the Challenge, schools will need to apply for post-Challenge validation of SRRs. An overview of the process, conditions and links to application forms are available on the Arts Unit website.


You can use the reports in the PRC website to determine which students have a complete or incomplete SRR.


Coordinators will need to refer to their own records to determine if any students who do not have a SRR in that calendar year need to be included in a post-Challenge validation application.