Challenge Completion certificates for the current Challenge are available to print in November.  An update will be published on the PRC website home page when they are available.  Coordinators are able to re-print past Challenge certificates from 2014 onwards.

Generate the PDF document containing Challenge Completion Certificates
  1. Log in to the PRC website
  2.  Go to the Reports menu on in the sidebar.
  3. Select  the School Reports menu, and then click on Challenge Completion Certificates 

  4. Select the required Year
  5. Select 'All Grades' for small cohorts or one grade at a time for large cohorts (you may have to select the Year each time)
  6. Click on Generate
  7. Click on Open to open the generated PDF document
  8. Scroll through the PDF document and check each student's name is spelled correctly
    1. If required, correct any incorrectly spelled names
    2. return to step 2 to regenerate the PDF document with the correctly spelled name
  9. Save the PDF document if you would like to return to it or print it later

Print the Challenge Completion Certificates

Ensure no one else will print to the printer whilst you are printing certificates. It is recommended that certificates be printed on A4 paper.
  1. If you are printing onto specific paper, insert the paper into the printer
  2. Set the printer to print one-sided
  3. If you will be printing the certificates in colour, set the printer to print colour
  4. Print the PDF document(s) (you may choose to print the first 3 pages as a test)