This article applies to Non-government school students.

PRC Coordinators at Non-government schools are able to create new student accounts for students at their school.

New student accounts can only be created while the Challenge is open.

  • log in to the PRC website
  • go to Students >Student Upload
  • select either the Single Student Upload tab (for 1-3 students) or the Multiple Student Upload tab (for 4 or more students)

  • instructions for each process are located within the Single Student Upload tab and Multiple Student Upload tab
  • more detailed instructions on the Multiple Student Upload process can also be found on the PRC Support site.

If any of the students have participated in the Premier's Reading Challenge at their previous school, they may need to have their accounts merged.

For public school students

PRC accounts cannot be created for public school students on the PRC website. Public school students accounts are created automatically and are based on their ERN record. This means that if there is an issue with a public school student's PRC account it will need to be fixed or adjusted on their ERN record.