This article applies to only Non-government school students.

It is not possible to find a list of all your students' accounts on the website and retrieve existing passwords for student accounts. This is because the PRC website does not keep a record of students' passwords. If required, the PRC team are able to send you the list of the username for student accounts at your school and also perform bulk password resets by grade or for the whole school.

If you need a bulk password reset for students at your school, email the PRC team and include the grades that need to have all student passwords reset.  Any students who do remember their existing password will need to be notified of their new password.

We recommend PRC coordinators keep a record of all student passwords at the school, so these can be provided to students at the beginning of each year (passwords for students with existing accounts don’t change each year). The record can then be updated if passwords are reset and when accounts are created for new students.

If you are only managing a small number of students, you are able to modify a student's name/username and reset their password on a student by student basis.