This article applies to Public School students.

Please check the following three things for the student:

  1. Is the student's name entered incorrectly in ERN?
    Student names in the PRC website are taken from the Preferred Given Name (not Given Name) and Preferred Family Name (not Family Name) fields in ERN.

  2. In ERN does the student have their Online Services field set to ‘Unknown/Not Provided’ or ‘No’?
    In order for a student to have an online identity (including in the PRC website), this field (in consultation with the parents) needs to be changed to ‘Yes’.

  3. Is the student is enrolled at multiple schools?
    Students who are enrolled at multiple schools will only be visible in the PRC website to the coordinator at the census school.

Please allow up to 48 hours for any changes made in ERN to synchronise with the PRC website.

If you are still unable to locate the student after checking these things, please contact the PRC team.