On the PRC website homepage, click on the NEW STUDENT SITE image. 


It will take you to the PRC student site. 
Then click on LOGIN in the top right hand corner. This will take you to the NSW Department of Education portal login page, students need to enter their username and password here:

If you do not know your username or password for the PRC website, please see the PRC coordinator at your school, or ask your teacher to help you find out your login details. 

Public School Students

A link to the Premier’s Reading Challenge website can be found in the Student Portal under the Learning section.  Students are also able to add a link to the PRC in the My Link List section to make the PRC easier to find.  The URL to use is https://online.det.nsw.edu.au/prc/studentExperience.html#/.

Public school students can also log in directly to the PRC website using their Department of Education (DoE) username and password.  These are the same details a student would use to access the Student Portal and the computer network at school.  If you are unaware of your username and/or password, please contact your class teacher and ask for your Student Portal username and/or password.

Non-government School Students

The school's PRC coordinator will issue new students with their account details once they have created an account for them in the PRC website.

Students who have participated in the Challenge previously can log in to the PRC website using their existing PRC username and password.  Students who are attending a new school but have previously participated in the Challenge, need to notify the school's PRC coordinator.

Students at Schools not Participating in the Challenge

Please refer to the support article on what to do if your school has decided not to participate in the Premier's Reading Challenge.