You can use the 'Search' field which appears in the top, right hand corner of every screen to search for books on the website.

Search tips:

  • To search for an author: use last name comma first name. Eg fox, mem (not mem fox)
  • To search for a title: enter just part of the title, especially a key word or an unusual word. Eg for 'Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley' by Aaron Blabey, enter barley
  • To search for a title beginning with 'The' or 'An', do not include the prepositions. Eg for 'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton, enter magic faraway (or just faraway)
  • To search for a title or author, ensure spelling is correct. Eg magic faraway (not magic far away)

If you are logged in, you can add the book to your online Student Reading Record (SRR)

  • once you have located a book
  • select the book title (it should be hyperlinked)
  • you will be taken to the book's listing in the Booklists page
  • select 'Add' and the book will be added to your online SRR

On the new Student PRC site, students are able to search for books in two ways: they can search for books in the blue search bar at the  bottom of the homepage or in the orange search area. The blue search bar is handy if you are looking for a particular book or author. In the orange section searching can be done by clicking on the various buttons eg they can search for books by Challenge level or by choosing a genre. This search will provide students with a list of books from these categories to view. This way of searching can be handy if you are unsure what book you want to read next and are looking for suggestions.