Students, parents and teachers can use the PRC website and the new PRC student site to search the booklist by Challenge level, author, title, category, series or PRC ID number. Each book has a synopsis or short summary of the book's content to help students decide if the book might be of interest to them.

A list of 'easy reads' for students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be downloaded from the booklists page of the PRC website. 'Easy reads' for students in Years 7-9 are all titles on the 5-6 booklist. A title identified by Star on the 7-9 booklist is an 'easy read' for Years 7-9 students.

Books containing mature themes and more difficult language usually read by students in Years 9 and above are featured on the 9Plus booklist and also appear on the 7-9 booklist marked with a yellow asterisk:Star .

New books added to this year's booklists are identified by New Books.

Students can also use the Discover feature on the Student Experience site to find books on certain Challenge levels with a specific genre. Multiple options from both categories can be selected.