The PRC has a list of books for each Challenge level, catering for students in Years K-2, Years 3-4, Years 5-6 and Years 7-10. There is also a 9Plus booklist that is restricted to students in Years 7-10. This booklist contains books that were previously included on the 7-9 booklist and marked as Mature Reads. This booklist contains titles that feature mature themes, content and more difficult language that are suitable for students in high school.

To complete the Challenge, students can read books at or above their Challenge level. The booklists comprise 22 categories (genres), including fiction, non-fiction, picture books, sports fiction, science fiction, poetry and include a wide variety of Australian authors.

A book's annotation will provides helpful information about a book's content and its characters, and may indicate if the story is scary, sad, funny or mysterious.

New books are added at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3.

PRC IDs are located on the Booklist Page. Highlighted yellow in the image below.