Students should do the Challenge appropriate for their Year level.  The one exception is K-2 students who can read simple chapter books independently - these students are encouraged to attempt the 3-4 Challenge.

All students can read books from a higher Challenge level booklist if the books are appropriate for their ability and maturity level.  Extra guidance may be necessary when choosing these books. If a student on the 3-4 or 5-6 challenges would like to read books from higher Challenge levels to complete their PRC reading record, they can do this without adjustment to their Challenge level. 

Students who experience difficulties reading at the level appropriate for their grade can participate in the 3-10 challenge. To do this Challenge, your coordinator must email the PRC team requesting that you be set up to do the 3-10 Challenge.

Class teachers and PRC coordinators can provide advice if students are not sure which Challenge they should attempt.