• Students in Years K-2 are able to read, share-read or be read to in their home language for all PRC and Personal Choice books.
  • Students in Years 3-9
    • are able to read Personal Choice books in their home language.
    • are able to listen to an unabridged audio version of PRC and Personal Choice books while reading along with the book.

Students can receive the same support to access PRC books as they receive to access Stage-level books at school.  This includes Braille, enlarged print, audio books (all unabridged), partner reading and teachers' aides.

Teachers and parents are encouraged to find strategies to support students with learning difficulties to read books that are appropriate to their maturity level and interests from their correct Challenge level.

Teachers of students in special classes and schools should contact the PRC team to find out what further assistance is available for their students to help them successfully complete the Challenge.

All students are able to read from booklists higher than their Challenge level.  Students in Years K-2, who can read simple chapter books on their own, can attempt the 3-4 Challenge.  For these students, the Challenge level needs to be changed to adjust the number of books read from 30 to 20.

Books on the PRC booklist containing mature themes and more difficult language usually read by the students in Years 10 and above are identified by Hash.