In order to complete the Challenge, students are required to read the following number of books, based on their Challenge Level:

Challenge LevelNumber of books you must readMinimum number of PRC booksMaximum number of Personal Choice booksPRC booklists you can read from
K-230255K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-9
3-4201553-4, 5-6, 7-9
5-6201555-6, 7-9
7-9201555-6, 7-9

Schools should let parents/carers know that two conditions of entering the Challenge are that students may receive a certificate and their name may appear on the Gold or Platinum Honour Roll. The Honour Roll lists student names in the PRC website only. Names are listed in alphabetical order (not by school) and no other identifying features are included.

Students who do not wish to receive a certificate or have their name published on the Gold or Platinum Honour Roll (or whose parents/carers do not wish them to) should not register for the Challenge. These students may take part in the Challenge unofficially - they may use the PRC booklists and can seek recognition in their school community - but they cannot add books to an online Student Reading Record.

Schools can download Privacy information to communicate to parents/carers or direct them to the website.