Non-government Schools

If a student’s name is incorrect in the PRC website, log in and go to

  • Students > Student Details then search for student (using the current, incorrect spelling)
  • On the Change Details screen, enter the name correctly
  • If a new username is required, when you enter the correct spelling tick the Regenerate DET User ID box that appears

  • Click on the Update button
  • If the name has already been updated but the username was not regenerated, you can enter a single space character after the surname to prompt the Regenerate DET User ID option to appear. 

Please allow 24 hours for the changes you have made to appear in the PRC website.

Public Schools

Public school student's names cannot be adjusted on the PRC website. Their names must be adjusted by the school in ERN. This is because the name that appears for a student on the PRC website is retrieved from the ‘Preferred Given Name’ and ‘Preferred Family Name’ fields for that student in ERN. If appropriate, schools can update these details in ERN. This cannot be done by the PRC team.


Please allow 48 hours for any changed made in ERN to appear in the PRC website.