Students are able to enter 5 choice books onto their reading records. These can be books that are not on the PRC booklist, or ones from a booklist that is not counted on the student's challenge level. 

Log in to the PRC website, go to Student Reading Records and select the Add a Choice Book tab.

In the title field, enter just part of the title, eg magic hat, and click on the Search button. If the title has a 'the', 'an' or 'a' at the beginning of the title do not enter it into the search field.

If your required book becomes listed as an option, select it. If it does not, a new heading, Still can't find a book? will appear below. Enter the book’s title and author and click on the Add button.

The book will be added to your online Student Reading Record.
To see how to add books on the new Student PRC site, please watch the video in this link: