This issue is caused because when the PRC and ERN systems sync, the PRC site does not recognise the new capitalisation as a different spelling. Because all public school PRC accounts are linked to their ERN records, we are unable to update the capitalisation of names on our end. 

In order to correct this issue, you will need to get your SAM to complete the following steps:

1. In the ERN record under preferred surname, add an X to the end of the student's surname. This will prompt the system to recognise a change in spelling when it updates.

2. Wait 24 hours, and check whether this spelling (with the X) has been pushed to the PRC site. 

3. Correct the ERN preferred name record, removing the X and correcting the capitalisation of the surname.

4. Check the PRC entry to ensure that the correct spelling and capitalisation is now showing. 

Please note: it is important to check that there will be no official school letters or reports printed during the 48 hours this workaround is being pushed through the system, or it is likely to cause these to print with the temporary misspelling of the name.