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To get started as a Public School PRC Coordinator

Principals nominate their school's coordinators using the Access Management Utility (AMU) accessible through the Staff Portal.  Relieving principals contact their ICT Service Desk for access to AMU. 

Coordinators will then be able to log in to the PRC website using their DoE username and password.

Please contact your principal to tick approve you on the AMU system as a PRC Coordinator. You will then have access to the PRC website.


To get started as a Non-government School PRC Coordinator

Your school principal (or their delegate) is responsible for managing the DoE accounts at your school using the Staff Management Utility (SMU) and Access Management Utility (AMU) applications available in the DoE Extranet.  

The responsibilities include: creating new accounts, re-activating existing accounts, provisioning PRC coordinators and resetting passwords.

Please contact your principal to create a DoE account for you on the SMU system. Once they have set you up on SMU, they will then need to tick approve you on the AMU system as a PRC Coordinator. 

If your principal does not have a DoE account so that they are able to set you up, please have them directly contact us at this email so that we can set up an account for them. After this, they will then be able to take on their duties with managing the DoE accounts at your school.

Your principal can refer to the articles below to help them:


Please note: Principal approval is required to become the PRC coordinator at a school.  It is recommended that schools have at least two coordinators.

We recommend having at least two current coordinators at your school in case of unexpected leave occurring during key times of the Challenge.



To get started

  • familiarise yourself with the resources available for PRC coordinators
  • regularly check the PRC website for Updates and Messages throughout the Challenge

Once the Challenge is open, PRC coordinators can log in to the PRC website to

The PRC coordinator at each school is also responsible for

The best pages to check on the PRC website for coordinators are the

PRC e-newsletters and e-reminders are sent to all PRC coordinators twice each term with information about coordinating the Challenge.  Current and previous copies can be accessed on the Home page of the PRC website.